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How to become a credit broker

Become a credit broker requires a combination of education and experience in your chosen niche. Over time, hard work and a desire to succeed, you can become successful as a credit broker.

Supplies needed:

Educational background in finance


Step 1: Acquire the credits required to work as a credit broker. While some of it may start to work with only a high school diploma, training can be a plus in the industry. Strive for at least a Bachelor’s degree in a field like finance or business. Consider adding a master for your educational curriculum at one point. A strong educational background provides an important part of the knowledge that is necessary to understand the credit sector.

Step 2: select the type of credit brokerage work that you would like to do. This can apply for personal or commercial loans and lines of credit as well as merchant accounts and credit insurance. The opportunity to work as a credit broker are wide, so you need to find the right niche for your industry. Spend time looking for different types of credit brokerage work and don’t be afraid to contact credit mediators to ask them what they do.

Step 3: Apply for any necessary licenses.No license is required for all credit intermediaries, but is essential to brokers in some parts of the industry. For example, credit insurance broker must have a license, while merchant account Brokers need any license. Familiarize yourself with the type of mediation work you intend to do and contact your State Department of insurance and licenses to uncover what are the rules for the work you will do.

Step 4: Work as an intern. Practical experience runs parallel to education in terms of importance to work as a credit broker. Apply for internship opportunities that will help you develop contacts in the industry. As a credit broker, working largely as an agent between the applicant and the bank credit. Develop contacts with potential customers and lenders can help you develop your business when you start to establish yourself and help with finding customers that it will be necessary to keep the business going.

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